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IMHCA is currently undergoing the transformation into an ICA Special Interest Group (SIG). Under this SIG, Peer Consultation will be provided monthly and is expected to resume starting with the September 8th, 2023, group. Information will be available on the ICA website and the ICA weekly newsletter as September approaches.

Virtual Peer Consultation Group

1.5 free CE's available per groupA maximum of 10 consultation CE's are allowed per 24 month period for license renewal requirements (IBOL Rule 425.3.e). The ten CE's are valued at between $170 to $380 at Treasure Valley CE rates. This benefit alone more than pays for the $50 per year membership fee.

  • Open to all IMHCA and IDAMFC Members
  • Non-IMHCA and non-IDAMFC members are welcome to try it out one time- Membership 
  • Must be a licensed mental health practitioner or a mental health practitioner-in-training to attend

What:  Bring a condensed, de-identified clinical challenge or ethical dilemma to share. Get support and access the wisdom and experience of other practitioners.  Or, you are welcome to come and just be a part of providing feedback for other providers.

How:  "Wise Crowd" Consulting Structure which:

  • Efficient and effective way to receive consultation
  • Each consultation round lasts just fifteen minutes
  • Multiple consultation groups possible at the same time to ensure most attendees who desire feedback will get it--no matter how many clinicians attend
  • Enables the clinician to focus on feedback without the need to respond to all comments
  • Unleashes the wisdom of the group

Come give it a try! Sign up here to register for a group.

    Peer Consultation 2023-2024 Dates

    Typically held on the 2nd Friday of each month

    • Jul 14—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Aug 11—CANCELLED
    • Sept 8—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Oct 13— Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Nov 17—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT (3rd Friday to avoid Veteran's Day)
    • Dec 8—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Jan 12--Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Feb 9—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Mar 8—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Apr 12—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • May 10—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT
    • Jun 14—Fri. 12:15-1:45p MT

    For more information contact Beverly Hines.

    What is a Peer Consultation Group?  

    A peer consultation group is comprised of clinicians who meet to provide feedback and support as they discuss challenging cases, ethical dilemmas, and professional issues. In peer consultation each consultee retains all the responsibility for the client's treatment. Consultee's are free to accept or reject input given. Peer consultants have no responsibility for the client’s care.

    What are the advantages of Peer Consultation Groups?

      • Receive emotional support
      • Increase a sense of community to reduce the risk of burnout
      • Improve clinical skills and effectiveness
      • Network with colleagues
      • Discover resources
      • Consult with colleagues about ethical responsibilities  
      • Reduce malpractice risk by recognizing and addressing thorny clinical situations


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