Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association 

Mission: The Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association (IMHCA) has a mission 
to enhance the profession of clinical mental health counseling through the promotion of licensing, advocacy, education, and professional development.

Vision: The Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association has a Vision Statement with the consistent standards of education, training, licensing, practice, and ethics, will be the state organization representing: Licensed Mental Health Providers, Licensed Professional Counselors, and other licensed clinical mental health providers recognized by the association. This is accomplished through empowering counselors with the knowledge, skills, and resources to promote their success in the profession. 

IMHCA Board Inclusivity Statement: Our members and our clients come from all walks of life and so do we. IMHCA is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive board by celebrating the unique contributions that each individual brings in terms of education, nation of origin, opinions, race, ethnicity, gender identity and/or expression, age, languages spoken, veteran status, color, religion, ability, and sexual orientation.We recognize that it is an ongoing process to cultivate a safe place, whether it is in the counseling office or on a professional association board, and we encourage all our members to continuously do the work in stretching their understanding of their own intersectional privileges. All IMHCA board members are committed to doing our own work in examining our privileges and how this may manifest in the counseling office or at a board meeting. As an organization, we are committed to showing respect for all and encouraging open communication and collaboration. We are all learning to do better.

Welcome from the President- 

Hello members!

Since joining Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association (IMHCA),  I have been able to see first hand how passionate this board is about advocating and promoting mental health awareness in Idaho.  So being elected to serve as your 2020-2021 IMHCA President, is an honor and I am very excited. 

This year IMHCA is going to be focusing on refocusing what we bring to you as the members. 

What this will look like:

  1. Chair Committee Onboarding. We represent the state as a whole which means we want more diverse involvement. We want to ensure we are empowering counselors with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to promote their success in all of Idaho. So we are calling on help from our members in all the regions. 

  2. Membership Satisfaction. You are what makes an association strong. We want to make sure we are maintaining the components that you find valuable and also keeping up with these changing times. I want to thank you for completing the survey given in June, your feedback is appreciated. Karen, our new membership chair, has already started to go to work on the feedback. 

  3. More Collaborations with Divisions. Under ICA there are 7 divisions in total and we want to collaborate more. Whether through workshop partnerships, community outreach, or advocacy events, we want to form relationships that increase the value and benefits for our members.  

  4. Refreshing our Web Appearance. This is multidimensional to include, website, social media, and listserv. We want an easy to navigate website, social media content that is relevant, and a valuable utilization of the listserv to serve all members. 

  5. Quarterly E-Newsletters. To provide you with upcoming events that IMHCA will be at or involved in. Inform you on advocacy opportunities or insights on what is going on. Promote IMHCA member trainings and workshops and more.   

IMHCA will continue to bring you:

  •  Awareness about mental health needs in Idaho though letter writing events, community events, use of listserv and etc.  

  • Sponsoring a distinguished speaker at the ICA super conference to continue fostering counselor professional development.

  • Running two scholarship contests for counseling graduate students. 

  • Providing multiple relevant and high-quality workshops/trainings.

  • Facilitating a members-only peer supervision group worth up to 10 free CEs in a 24 month period.  

  • Maintaining a presence at the IDOPL meetings and providing updates from the board’s discussions on issues that impact our members.

If you are a graduate student or a professional and want to get involved, we would love to have you serve on a committee that fits your strengths. Please considering attending an IMHCA monthly board meetings, held on the second Monday of the month at 5:30p. 

It feels important more than ever to evolve together, so thank you for your membership and continued support. I look forward to working with you all this year. 


Caitlin Goicoechea-Hart LCPC, NCC

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