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Winter Menu: Connections Blog will keep you current during the winter season.  Find up to date information about mental health legislation and policies under consideration this month!  Find it at, Connections-Blog.

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Medicare Legislation AMHCA members are urged to email their two U.S. Senators and one Representative to urge them to co-sponsor S. 1830/HR. 2759. AMHCA members may find their Senators and Representative’s email address on their office websites. See these suggested email messages to Senate and House offices. See the list of current cosponsors of these bills in the House and Senate. Veterans Legislation AMHCA members are urged to email their Senators to support S.1676.

How to Contact Congress

To contact your Senators, visit
To contact your Representatives, visit

Download a list of committee members concerned with Medicare: 
Senate Finance; House Ways and Means; House Energy and Commerce.


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ABC'S OF . . .Learning More About IMHCA

A primer for long time, occasional, new and potential IMHCA members!

A is for AMHCA.  AMHCA is the national ACA Division of which IMHCA is a state chapter. . . and

A is for the AMHCA Anti-stigma Mental Illness Campaign! The campaign was launched this May, 2016 as an ongoing campaign to promote health. See website at

B is for Because, because IMHCA/AMHCA represent specifically clinical mental health professionals.

C is for Calendar, because presents a current news focus each calendar month.

Stay with us this year. We invite you to join us!

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